Nancy & Vic Allen

Their legacy lives on...

About the Nancy & Vic Allen Stroke Prevention Fund

The legacy was made possible by the vision and generosity of Vic Allen, whose wife Nancy suffered not one but three strokes over a period of time. Nancy’s first stroke occurred as a result of dangerously high blood pressure. She was taken to hospital but discharged after her blood pressure had been reportedly ‘stabilised’. Nancy and Vic were totally unprepared for the tragedy of stroke that followed. Nancy suffered three strokes over the next two years which resulted in loss of mobility due to partial paralysis, loss of speech, swallowing difficulties and loss of vision. 

They were both absolutely devastated and Vic became passionate about conveying the message of stroke prevention to others. He subsequently wrote numerous articles about stroke prevention, sponsored bookmarks promoting the warning signs of stroke (pictured), became a guest speaker at numerous venues and carried out considerable research on his own – especially in regard to natural health and preventative approaches. He nursed Nancy for a period of ten years from 1986 until her death in 1996.

Vic passed away in 2009 at the age of 90. However, Vic and Nancy’s legacy lives on through the Nancy & Vic Allen Stroke Prevention Fund. Each year in May (Nancy’s birthday month) the Trustees invite applications from individuals or organisations who have, or will undertake a project worthy of financial support and which furthers stroke prevention. Vic also was a great supporter of ‘complementary’ approaches to health.

ARCCIM is proud and honored to have been awarded very generous support to undertake a program aimed at stroke prevention and complementary medicine.

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